Love potion
Love potion? Wait your turn.

사랑의 묘약을 달라고? 차례를 기다려.
Tea time
Star Tarts
Is it okay to try it?
The Orange Bear's Restaurent : Daily

'Is it okay to try it, please...?'

'나도 한 번 해보면 안돼...?'
I was sleeping!
The Orange Bear's Restaurent : Daily

'I was sleeping!'

'자고 있었단 말이야!'
Waiting for apples
<Ggomy series>

'I'm waiting for apples!'

'사과를 기다려'

© 2017 by Eunsil Yu (SOAPBEAR) all rights reserved.

Selling or using Eunsil Yu's artworks without the consent of copyright holders (Eunsil Yu) is illegal.

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