Eunsil Yu (Soapbear, Kayla Yu)

Republic of Korea

Freelance illustrator and Game Artist


Illustration, children's book, game art, advertisements, designs and etc.

I'm a freelance illustrator for various illustrations, picture books, game arts , designs, advertisements and etc.
I was a concept artist in game filed for a long time and now I'm working for illustrations on more various purposes.

I like to draw illustrations with stories and ideas, especially about food and animal.

I really really like to eat and draw delicious things.

Some day I'll travel all the world to eat delicious things of the world.

I'm also interested with saving the Earth and animals.

I'm also a green scuba diver.

Please feel free to contact me via email for work, and any queries.
Thank you so much!

프리랜서 일러스트레이터, 게임 컨셉 아티스트

안녕하세요, 프리랜서 일러스트레이터 유은실(필명 비누곰) 입니다.

오랜 기간동안 게임 컨셉 아티스트로 일해온 경력이 있고, 현재는 그림책, 게임 아트, 디자인, 광고, 굿즈 등등 다양한 플랫폼의 일러스트를 그립니다.

먹는 것과 동물, 여행을 무척 좋아하여 그러한 소재에 관심이 많으며, 동물 보호 및 지구 보전에도 관심이 많아 향후 아티스트로서 참여할 수 있는 곳에 관련 활동 예정입니다.

일, 문의 관련은 언제든 fireflieslake@gmail.com 으로 연락주시면 됩니다.


2017-2019 Lemonade Illustration Agency UK Illustrator

2018 Clever Factory USA Layered Tab Books Series

2017 Korean Board Games illustrations

2017 Yeah Jam Fury USA Indie game environment design

2016 Gamevil Project E Concept Artist

2014 - 2015 Estsoft Project Cabal1 Concept Artist

2010 - 2014 Estsoft Project Cabal2 Concept Artist

© 2017 by Eunsil Yu (SOAPBEAR) all rights reserved.

Selling or using Eunsil Yu's artworks without the consent of copyright holders (Eunsil Yu) is illegal.

Represented by Lemonade Illustration Agency

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